Artificial Turf For Sports – Why every stadium or sports surface needs to have tough turf.

It needs to be able to endure high-impact or frequent interaction from players.

In a lot of cases, natural grass can’t handle game-play that often, and ends up restricting how often the players can play or practice, requiring replacement, and costing management a lot of money.

Whether it is baseball, football, soccer, golf or any number of other grass-field games, the green will inevitably take a great deal of punishment. For whoever is in charge of the sports facility, the planting and upkeep of the grass on the field can be a constant, demanding job requiring a great amount of time and effort to keep the field not only safe and suitable for play, but also attractive and professional-looking. To this end, it may be beneficial to do away with natural grass altogether and opt for an artificial solution. Artificial grass not only requires a great deal less attention and maintenance as part of a sports field, but is also more durable, easier to clean and simpler to replace than the real deal. This affords a number of benefits for different sports.

Football Stadiums Need Tough Artificial Turf

‘High-impact’ turf is available for football fields to facilitate the frequent falls, tackles and pile-ups that staples of football gameplay.

Artificial grass is also much easier to mark with yard lines, goal areas, etc.

Soccer Fields with Artificial Turf

As with football, artificial grass takes the use of soccer cleats well.

Also, since soccer is all played with the feet, turf is more suited than natural grass to take the movements of the ball and the stepping, scraping and kicking of the players.

Artificial Turf in Baseball Fields

Artificial grass is useful on baseball fields, as it will always stay even and consistently textured, making it safer for players to run on, slide on, and fall onto if necessary.

Its use also removes the risk of players’ cleats damaging the grass or sod.

Golf Courses and Putting Greens

Using turf for a golf green not only precludes the necessity for mowing, watering and spraying the lawn—usually quite a large task for most golf courses—it can also provide a more stable, level surface for golfers to tee off of.

Artificial grass is also far easier to install holes in.

Consider artificial grass for your own arena or sports field to take your mind off of maintenance and keep it on the game, where it belongs.

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