If you love to golf, but there are no golf courses near you , then a private putting green may be just what you need. Private putting greens – both indoor and outdoor – are growing in popularity among golf enthusiasts who want to improve their game in their own backyard or rec room. Which one you decide to go with depends on a couple of different factors.

Outdoor Putting Greens

The big advantage to outdoor putting greens is space: you have a lot more room in your backyard than you do indoors. You can also get creative when designing a backyard green, adding features to suit your tastes. And, of course, you get to play golf out in the sun and fresh air.

When installing outdoor private putting greens, your main question is whether to go with natural or synthetic turf. Some golfers prefer the look and feel of real grass, but maintaining natural turf on a putting green takes a lot of time and effort. This includes frequent mowing, fertilizing, and weeding. In contrast, artificial turf requires little maintenance, and you can forget about having to deal with muddy patches and other irregularities. If you go with recycled synthetic turf, you can cut costs as well.

Indoor Putting Greens

One of the biggest advantages to outdoor putting greens is also one of its biggest drawbacks. While playing golf outside on a perfect day is wonderful, not all days are perfect, especially if you live in a cold or rainy area. This is never a problem with indoor private putting greens. In addition, an indoor green is a lot more affordable than an outdoor green, particularly if you are using recycled artificial turf.

Ultimately, the choice between indoor and outdoor putting greens comes down to factors like space, weather, and budget. Speak to a professional about which option is right for you.