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Does turf get hot to walk on?

It will get warm on the hottest summer day but not too hot to enjoy barefoot.  You can easily cool turf by briefly misting it with water.

Does it smell if my pet pees on it?

It could if you don’t properly maintain it. This is best avoided by periodically rinsing/flushing areas where your pet urinates. We offer a deodorizing infill that minimizes any pet odors from starting.

How long does the turf last?

Our Synthetic turf products have a 20 – 25 year life span.

Does it have lead in it?

None! All of our products are 100% lead free!

Does it drain?

Very well! Almost all our products have pencil size drainage holes throughout the backing. Only some products like putting greens do not have the “extra” drainage holes. Water will still drain through products such as these just not as fast.

Can I put it over cement?


How wide are the rolls?

We have rolls that come 12, 13, and 15 feet in width

Do you custom cut?

Yes we can custom cut “Linear Length” we cannot cut rolls in the middle though.

Where is it made?

Our Domestic line is manufactured and assembled in the United States.
Our import is a foreign product that has been tested and is lead free.

Where can I get it?

Today! We make it our goal to always have turf available for purchase and pick-up.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do!   Please call for details.

Do you install?

Absolutely! Ask for our installation specialist and we can give you a free estimate!

What makes your products different than the others?

Our products are made with the highest quality yarn and materials, they are warrantied for up to 8 years, and are consistently produced so you can expect turf you order today to be the same turf you order in a year.


Can pre-owned football turf be used for my indoor hitting facility or batting cages?

Yes. All football turf is perfect for baseball use. It protects your equipment and can eliminate dirt and muddy areas. Play longer. Can also be used with baseball cleats. Turf is completely drainable as well.

Can the grass be used for my soccer facility indoor/outdoor?

Many customers have already saved thousands of dollars by using pre-owned turf to cut cost instead of paying for new material.

Is pre-owned turf OK for my dog facility or yards?

Yes. Grass from synthetic soccer or football fields have many advantages for pets. The turf is durable, will stop yellow spots from urine and is TOTALLY drainable. Stops most dogs from digging which will keep your facility cleaner, no muddy areas. Easy to maintain.

How do I keep smell out of my pet turf?

You can purchase white vinegar at discount stores and dilute 4-1 with water and spray the area of concern or waste to clean and deodorize.

How old is the turf?

The turf we sell might only be a couple of years old or just be a replacement age to 10 years old. Ask your sales representative, a lot of times the facility will replace…just to get new turf.

How big are the rolls of turf?

Most rolls are 10’ x 60’ or 15’ x 60’. Check with your sales rep. to be sure.

Can I pick out the rolls I want?

Not really. The turf is too heavy to roll back. You can pull the turf back to verify the condition of the material.

How heavy are the rolls of turf?

If the rolls have no infill, they weigh ½ a pound per sq. inch. If the rolls have rubber/sand infill, check with your sales rep. because these rolls can be thousands of pounds.

What is infill?

Some football and soccer turf uses infill that consists of rubber and/or sand. The material is brushed into the grass blades and the weight of the material holds down the turf and well as make the turf feel like sod.

How long will the turf last?

Pre-owned turf should last for 5-9 years if you take care of it.

How do I get the heavy rolls out of my trailer?

Forklifts work great. You can also pull the roll out of the trailer with a tow strap. Once you get the roll on the surface you can unroll the turf and cut to a few smaller manageable panels for install.

How do I keep the panels together?

Seam tape and adhesive (glue).

Will the turf have some markings on them?

Most turf will have some markings on the grass if it came from a football field. Soccer turf does not have as many markings.

Can I get a discount on large volume turf purchases?

Yes. There will be a price break on 5,000 sq. ft. or more. Ask your sales rep.

Does AGR ship turf or can you help arrange freight?

Yes! We have a network of certified and licensed delivery companies to fulfill your shipping needs.

Will you load my turf at the fulfillment center?

Yes. We have forklifts at each site.

Can I pick up my turf on the weekends?

Call your sales rep. It is possible that your facility is open on weekends. It depends on the particular fulfillment centers operating hours.

What type of vehicle can I bring?

IMPORTANT. Please only bring a large open trailer with a heavy load capacity to haul your turf. No truck beds, no station wagons, no vans, no VW’s to load on the roof. Flatbed, car hauler and gooseneck trailers work great.

Can I order a small piece of turf?

We only sell rolls of turf. This is why you are getting a below wholesale pricing.

Is installing artificial turf a do-it yourself project?

Yes. Turf is easy to install. We would love to help you with your project using our sister company, Artificial Grass Liquidators Construction. Visit their website for more information!