The outdoor benefits of artificial grass are well-known throughout the world. Artificial turf reduces clean water waste and water and electric bills. It also saves people the costs involved with natural grass maintenance practices, such as mowing, sod replacement, reseeding and sprinkler system installation and repair. Additionally, outdoor artificial turf helps prevent hard play surface damage and player injuries related to poor natural grass sod installations and burrowing pests.

Yet, artificial turf isn’t only an outdoor sports-related surface material. It is equally beneficial to indoor sports activities:

– Artificial grass reduces floor cleaning and repair maintenance caused by footwear, high traffic, hard play and equipment, such as streaks, stains, indentations and cracks. The cleaning process is far quicker than other indoor athletic flooring materials – maintenance staff can easily remove debris with a broom or hose.
– It offers a soft surface that makes certain type of athletic uses more pleasurable and safe. Athletes and trainers are less likely to see bruising and skin breaks on knees and elbows from falls. Resting on artificial turf is also easier on the back and sore muscles.
– Synthetic grass allows athletes to train on a surface that is similar to outdoor sports settings. As a result, they can enjoy a training environment that optimally prepares them for outdoor sporting events.

Indoor Usage

It’s sometimes hard for people to imagine indoor athletic facilities having artificial turf floors since the material looks like grass, but different types of property owners have turned to artificial turf as an inexpensive alternative to traditional indoor floors. The following are only a few of the many areas that artificial turf has become the main flooring surface for indoor athletics:

– School and Public Gymnasiums
– Fitness Centers and Weight Rooms
– In-Home Exercise Rooms
– Professional Training Facilities
– University Training Facilities
– Baseball, Softball, Football and Soccer Fields
– Batting Cages
– Tennis and Volleyball Courts
– Indoor Driving Ranges
– Running Tracks

Artificial grass can be quickly installed atop existing flooring in any of these settings.

As can be seen there are many indoor athletic uses for artificial turf, contact a professional to discuss your options.