Discover the best artificial grass for your next landscaping project, whether it includes a pool, playground, patio, or putting green.

Landscaping is all about making an area of land more beautiful with features that enhance the design of the space. There are numerous landscaping projects out there, depending on the goals and aspirations you have for your lawn and living space.

However, when real grass is used in these endeavors, constant maintenance, watering, weeding, and mowing will no doubt be in order. Artificial grass requires less maintenance, which means you can enjoy a practical yard that looks beautiful all year long.

With artificial grass, there is no worry of a beautiful, manicured lawn being tarnished by a few brown spots. Artificial grass can make your landscaping projects stand out from the rest with consistently bold, green grass, and its low maintenance will give you more time to work on other projects. Overall, it will allow you to spend more time enjoying your backyard and less time caring for it.

A few landscaping projects in which utilizing artificial grass can be particularly beneficial include:

  • A play area for children
  • A pool, hot tub, or fountain
  • A rooftop patio
  • Your very own putting green

Today, we want to take a closer look at some of these projects so you have some ideas for your own landscaping.

Here we go!

The Best Artificial Grass for Your Landscaping Project

AGL produces a variety of artificial grass products specifically designed for different projects and preferences. While most of these products include our custom technology, including ArmorLoc 3L primary backing and Silverback secondary backing, they include different blade lengths, color combinations, pile height, and durability. While many of these types of grass would work well for a number of purposes, some brands are better suited to certain projects than others.

Identifying which brand is the best for your landscaping will enable you to create the best space possible. No matter what your project is, though, there is certainly a brand of artificial grass that will enhance the safety, aesthetic value, convenience, and enjoyment of any landscaping project.

Let’s take a closer look …

A Backyard for the Family

Backyard play areas for children offer a wide range of landscaping opportunities.

A few options to include in a stimulating, adventurous backyard are:

  • A DIY sandbox
  • A backyard tire swing
  • A water play area with a pond or fountain

If your landscaping project involves creating a play area for children, durability, as well as safety, are likely two primary concerns. Using turf in an area with children is a great idea primarily because it completely eliminates the risk of children being exposed to harmful fertilizers and fungicides that would be used on real grass lawns. Further, a synthetic lawn will provide a level surface on which children can play, providing a softer surface for those inevitable trips and falls.

AGL - Evergreen Artificial Grass

AGL Evergreen Artificial Grass is an exceptional choice for this landscaping project for several reasons. Any area where children play is bound to receive high-traffic, and this brand’s thatch and density gives it extra strength to keep its’ fresh, authentic look even with constant use.

This grass is made using a combination of naturally occurring color, so you won’t have to sacrifice looks to get a great, safe product for your children.

Create An Oasis

If you already have a pool and are looking to enhance the landscaping around it, or if your dream is to build your own backyard oasis by putting in a pool, artificial grass will provide numerous benefits to make your pool that much more enjoyable. You might consider using artificial grass around a pool in a number of ways:

  • As part of the pool deck, leaving concrete pathways to guide users from the home to the pool
  • As the entirety of the pool deck
  • As landscaping around the pool area along with trees, bushes, and other greenery

AGL - Platinum Artificial Grass

There are few things quite as stunning as the compatibility between the sparkling blue of a chlorinated pool and bold, green grass. Artificial grass ensures this is look is constant. It also allows for a more enjoyable pool experience: artificial grass won’t burn swimmers’ feet in the summer as scorching concrete does. Further, artificial grass used as the pool deck is safer in the event that swimmers slip and fall.

AGL Platinum Artificial Grass is an excellent choice for those hoping to beautify a pool area. Its’ coloring is uniquely bright, giving more contrast to the rest of the yard. Further, the blades of this grass are the recommended length for most landscaping projects, making it easy to install and comfortable to walk on barefoot.

A Rooftop Garden For City Dwellers

Artificial grass can also bring a little nature to the city.

For city dwellers living in a “concrete jungle,” artificial grass provides an opportunity to create an easy to maintain rooftop garden or patio. Not only does adding grass to a rooftop patio bring nature without the need to mow, weed, or worry about the weight of sod on the building’s structure, but it also makes owning dogs in the city easier.

AGL California Gold Artificial Grass

AGL California Gold Artificial Grass is optimal for those living in the city.

The pile height oofthis grass and the blades themselves are significantly shorter than other brands, making it a better choice for areas where space comes at a premium. The shorter height is also more conducive to cleaning up after pets. Artificial grass certainly adds much more aesthetic value to a rooftop garden or patio than does concrete.

Your Very Own Putting Green

Want to improve your golf game?

Add a putting green in your backyard and you’ll enjoy hitting the green every day from the comfort of your own home.

Though it may sound like an intimidating project, it’s really quite simple and can be broken down into a few steps:

AGL - Veridian Putting Green Artificial Turf

1. Consider what size and shape you’d like your green to be. Draw it out on your lawn using string or a garden hose to enable you to envision what it will look like.
2. Remove the existing grass or sod from this area.
3. Add edging where a stone or brick border will be placed. This will help keep the putting green’s shape, and will keep the grass in place.
4. Add a base layer of sand or plain dirt. Make sure it is level.
5. Add contours or undulations as desired by shaping the base layer of the green.
6. Place artificial grass over base layer.

AGL Veridian Putting Green is a great option for a putting green made of artificial turf. It is a balanced, clean surface enabling the ball to roll smoothly across the turf. Further, it is durable enough for indoor or outdoor use.


Essentially, there’s a brand of artificial grass out there to meet any and all landscaping needs.

Whether you’re creating a fun and exciting play space for children, perfecting a backyard aquatic oasis, bringing a little nature to your city dwelling, or installing a putting green, choosing the right artificial grass will enhance any landscaping project you have in mind.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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The Best Artificial Grass for Your Next Landscaping Project