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SilverBack™ Secondary Backing for Artificial Grass

Imagine having the strength of seven Olympic weight lifters or weighing over 400 lbs and being able to do one armed pull-ups. Our new SilverBack system is the quiet strength under your new synthetic turf that gives you the peace of mind that your investment is protected by unmatched strength.


Pure, Quiet Strength

SilverBack Backing Difference



Pure Technology

  • SilverBack’s coating system takes advantage of the most advanced technology in the coating industry.
  • Engineered with quality in mindfrom the pure polyurethane chemistry to the application system.
  • Features technologically advanced chemistry focusing on offering the highest quality components to create the best coating system available.
  • Applied using an application system designed specifically for this coating process in order to have full control of the entire product.
  • Certified Quality – Our ISO 9001 – 2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Pure Penetration

  • The pure chemistry used in the SilverBack™ coating system provides exceptional penetration to provide the strongest tuft binds obtainable.
  • The SilverBack™ system penetrates the yarn system versus only covering the back stitch to ensure each yarn is completely secure.
  • Each yarn is locked in throughout the entire bundle by efficiently securing each individual fiber through maximum yarn penetration.
  • By providing unparalleled yarn penetration there are dramatic increases in tuft bind strength.

system certification

SilverBack Artificial Grass Backing

SilverBack Testing Specifications

SilverBack Testing Specifications


SECONDARY BACKING WEIGHT CHECK Coating weight is specified between 20.0 and 22.0 ounces depending on style. This is based on independent lab testing data that shows we meet specifications on all styles.

LISPORT CONDITIONING TRAFFIC EVALUATIONS (20,000 CYCLES) = 8 YEARS We have averaged less then 2.5% tuft loss per yard with most products being less than 1%. Industry norm’s urethane tuft loss up to 5% per square yard. Industry norm’s urethane tuft loss ranges from 2-5% per square yard.

Pure Performance

  • The entire SilverBack™ system is designed to offer maximum performance in every facet of our synthetic turf systems.
  • Quality, strength, and stability are maintained at the heart of the SilverBack™ system in order to continuously provide each of these components over the life of each of our products.
  • Optimum dimensional stability is consistently obtained to ensure that the turf maintains its structural properties in all directions.
  • The stability of this coating system greatly reduces the risk of wrinkles, expansion, or shrinking.