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ArmorLoc™ 3L

ArmorLoc Artificial Grass

ArmorLoc™ 3L Primary Backing for Artificial Grass

ArmorLoc™ 3L is the primary backing for artificial grass that delivers DNA binding force. Nature has a way to make sure the strong survive. ArmorLoc™ 3L utilizes a complete woven system as the foundation to deliver the world’s strongest artificial grass system.

Primary backing plays a vital role in the overall design of an artificial turf system. ArmorLoc™ 3L is non-directional, dimensionally stable and ensures no excess movement. Combined, ArmorLoc™ 3L with Silverback™ urethane coating and specialized yarns work together binding the DNA of all three components creating a thermoset bond. ArmorLoc™ 3L delivers the science of DNA strand building.

This propriety formulation and combined system is the foundation you can count on for the life of the product

Enhanced Strength

Extremely high tear strength. This strength provides the necessary proprieties that reduce the incidence of a rip or a tear in the product. This is due to the woven layers all working together like the tight weave of a basket or a carpet.

Provides a better mechanical bond when utilized with Silverback™and specialized fiber

Strong Primary Backing


Self Healing Primary Backing

During the manufacturing process, we poke thousands of holes in the product. The ArmorLoc™ 3L is designed to self-heal once the needle is extracted. Compressing around the yarn.

Other products leave open gaps because the general construction does not self-close. This reduces the overall strength of their products.

Water Resistant

ArmorLoc™ 3L is moisture and rot resistant. Competitors’ products that utilize an absorbent material like embedded fleece tend to absorb moisture and retain odors.

Other products that retain moisture present perfect conditions to rot over time.

Pet owners love this feature

Water resistant Turf Backing

Improved Dimensional Stability

Prevents Movement Between Backings

Less movement after the installation and over the life of the product. Some folks call this “creep”.

This improved stability addresses extreme temperature variations over the life of the product. Temperature variations make competitors products move excessively and are a major cause for callbacks and failures.

The way ArmorLoc™ 3L is manufactured directly enhances this performance.Improves the installation process and

Improves the installation process and lends to straighter cuts and lines even for sports applications.

Manufactured woven and stitched together before fabrication.

Competitors take two backings and physically stitch them together when they tuft the product. This aftermarket fabrication method lessens the overall quality of the product. When competitors do this they are trying to save money by stitching together two lesser backings with the hope of creating a stronger backing.

The two backings tend to move at different rates in the fabrication process leading to non-uniform product characteristics.

Woven Artificial Grass Backing

105,188 stiches per square foot

Stitched for strength

This high stitch count provides the best dimensional stability offered in the market place.

Better cutting and less edge fraying which improves better seams during the installation process. (improves the performance over the life of the product)

Provides better resistance to creasingo1,364 pre stitches per / sqft bond the welt layer primary together for added stability

DNA matching and Thermoset

ArmorLok™ 3L combined with Silverback™ and specialized yarns conjoins all three with the best chemical and mechanical bond in the industry.

Competitors often utilize higher filler loads in their coating to reduce cost and froth the polyurethane to make the coating on the backing appear thicker. However, just because it looks thick they are missing the DNA match and typically are only relying on a mechanical bond that will begin to breakdown over time.

DNA matching allows for a greater chemical bond and locking together of materials.

Thermoset allows for all three components to conjoin and become stronger together than alone.

Provides better resistance to damage caused by rough substructure systems

Designed for Strength

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