Selecting the best artificial grass for your lawn doesn’t have to be a challenge if you know what to look for. Here are a few key things to look for.

A beautiful lawn is often a very elusive goal for most homeowners.

Many find it difficult, or inconvenient, to keep up with the constant watering, mowing, weeding, and fertilizing that real grass requires. Artificial grass, however, is as consistently beautiful as it is simple to maintain. Aside from brushing and rinsing, artificial grass maintains its look and feel all year long, and cuts down on water and chemical use.

Deciding what artificial grass is best for your lawn, though, can be an intimidating task. Many different types of artificial grass are on the market, so determining what type is best for your lawn requires careful consideration of:

  • How the grass in your lawn will be used
  • The environment in which you live
  • How much you are willing to spend
  • The look you hope to achieve with your artificial grass

Luckily, there are so many brands on the market it’s easy to find grass that will suit your needs, wants, and budget.

What is Artificial Grass?

Before discussing how to select the best artificial grass, it is helpful to understand what materials are used to make it.

There are many different styles and variations ranging in price, cushion, and color, but most have a drainage layer that goes on the bare ground to help liquid drain from the surface into the soil. On top of that are several backing layers that will provide cushion and stability. The actual grass blades are

The actual grass blades are set in place for( support. The grass blades can vary in material, length, and color. Three popular materials are typically used to make synthetic grass, each having their own qualities:

  • Polyethylene is usually very long-lasting and softer than other materials
  • Polypropylene is a bit firmer than polypropylene but will last just as long
  • Nylon is quite sturdy and stiff and good for areas that receive a lot of traffic

Uses of Artificial Grass

When selecting the best artificial grass for your lawn, it is important to consider how the grass will be used. For example, will the primary function be to create a visually appealing landscape? Or will it serve as a place for backyard barbeques, a play area for children, or open space for pets? Two brands of grass are well-suited to these high-traffic, high-use purposes:

  • Evergreen Artificial Grass: This grass is made of all green yarn, giving it a bold color for landscaping purposes. It’s made of polypropylene making it stiffer and denser. Its low infill gives it durability for pets and high-traffic areas
  • California Gold: This is a shorter artificial grass that provides a great look year-round for the yard, but it also is particularly suited for pets. The shorter blades make draining and cleaning pet messes easier

The Environment

You will want to take into consideration the environment in which you live, including weather patterns and the intensity of seasons. For particularly wet climates, the Cloud Nine artificial grass is a good choice because of its’ enhanced draining technology. The unique backing on this grass is particularly permeable, enabling it to drain faster than other brands. The blades of this grass are thinner and shaped like a cat’s eye, giving it a much softer feel.

Your Budget

Another important aspect of selecting artificial grass is considering, realistically, how much you’re able to spend on such a landscaping project. If ample resources are available, then this is less of an issue but most consumers will want to approach the purchase of artificial grass with the option of saving money in certain areas if possible. One idea that provides the benefit of artificial grass while encouraging cost effectiveness is using Recycled Turf in areas that will be used for:
● Pets
● Sports (rugby, football, and soccer, for example)
● High traffic

In some cases, it is preferable to sacrifice uniformity for cost-cutting measures. Many companies offer recycled turf that is still in optimal condition – sports facilities often replace turf well before its’ prime. This is also a way to help contribute to helping the environment if that is of special concern to you as a consumer.

The Desired Look

It is helpful to have in mind what look you’d like to achieve with your artificial grass. Do you have preferences in regards to color, height, and material? Is the goal aesthetics, functionality, or both? Platinum Artificial Grass is an exceptional choice if you are focused on landscaping and are looking for one of the most visually appealing types of grass.

The Platinum offers a uniquely bright color that makes it stunning for landscaping around pools, fountains, and patios. The blade length is also the recommended, standard length for most landscape uses. One of the most popular types of artificial grass for landscaping purposes, the Platinum’s higher pile height (or height of the layers underneath the infill) give it a seamless look once it’s installed.


To conclude, there are types of artificial grass for just about every want, need, and budget. In order to select the best type of grass for your lawn, it’s helpful to approach the buying process with a general idea of what you’re looking for in the product. Here are some questions to answer that will help you select the best type of grass for your lawn:

  • How will you be using your lawn? Will you be admiring its beauty from afar, or will you be enjoying it as you play games or sports upon it and host barbeques? Will children and pets utilize the space?
  • In what environment will this grass be utilized? Is it dry, or does it rain frequently?
  • What is your budget? Would Recycled Turf be an option to cut costs?
  • And finally, what look do you desire from your artificial grass? Do you prefer a stunning green lawn or a blend of varying shades?

These questions will help you to pinpoint what type and brand of artificial grass will be best suited to your lawn.

If you approach the buying process with a general knowledge of what is available and what you’re looking for, you will certainly be able to find the best artificial grass for your landscaping project.