Kids are precious and we want to protect them at every moment. But, eventually, they are going to run away from you and straight to the beautifully built, brightly colored playground – to climb, to slide, to swing, and to be a happy kid. This is where most kids become best friends and where lots of squeals and giggles can be heard. Unfortunately, it is also where many injuries happen.

It is important to protect children while they are at play. There are general safety measures put in place that can decrease the worry of parents utilizing playgrounds. For example:

  • Ensuring that no nails or screws are exposed.
  • Making it easy for parents to visibly monitor their children.
  • Keeping the playground free from rust or broken pieces.
  • Keeping the area free of trash and other debris.

Perhaps one of the best safety measures is to place a soft ground underneath and around the playground equipment. Artificial grass is a wonderful choice for several reasons. One, it can decrease the chance of injury should a child fall. Two, it is durable and easy to maintain, keeping the playground area free from appearing worn. Three, grass allergies are quite common among kids these days and, thankfully, artificial grass helps avoid any allergy issue. And, four, kids can still play after it rains – without dealing with a muddy mess!