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AGL Pro Series 69 Artificial Grass

AGL Pro 69 - Artificial Grass
AGL Pro 69 in backyard
AGL Pro 69 artificial grass
AGL Pro 69 artificial grass in yard
AGL Pro 69 artificial grass near garden
AGL Pro 69 artificial grass in front yard

AGL Pro Series 69 Artificial Grass

Looking for artificial grass you can use for a wide range of applications?

AGL Pro Series 69 is great for indoor and outdoor projects, including landscapes, pet areas, and more. This well-rounded artificial grass features a superior look and feel, so you can rest assured your grass looks great all year long.

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Artificial Grass Warranty free delivery grass Eco Friendly

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  • Short pile, low face weight option
  • Amazingly low price (under $2 / square foot retail)
  • Great aesthetic for low traffic product
  • Slightly darker blade color looks natural
  • Wave-Blade for added rigidity
  • Very cost-effective
  • Great for low to medium traffic areas
  • Proper drainage
  • Low sheen for a more natural look


  • Weight: Approx. 69 oz
  • Pile height: Approx. 1.5 inches
  • Backing: Polyurethane
  • Fiber: PE Mono
  • Infill: Approx. 1 lb / square foot
  • Warranty: 16-year*
  • Roll width: 100 feet

Warranty Artificial Grass Warranty

The AGL Pro Series 69 is protected by a manufacturer warranty.

Free 48-Hour Delivery  free delivery grass

We’ll deliver your artificial grass within 48 hours – FREE

*Some restrictions may apply due to day and time of delivery. Only available at our Southern California locations at this time.

Eco-Friendly Eco Friendly

The AGL Pro Series 69 doesn’t need water, fertilizer, or gasoline-powered maintenance tools to look great all year.

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