If you have a green thumb, you may have a garden or are thinking about creating one. Gardens are beautiful places to escape to, especially flower gardens. They come in all types – fruit and vegetable gardens, flower gardens, butterfly gardens, water gardens, etc. Choosing what type of garden to create depends greatly on your interests and what you intend to accomplish with it.

While you will need thereal earth to plant any flowers or seeds of your choosing, you will also want to give yourself a space to walk, sit, or relax without trudging through the delicate areas of your garden. For this purpose, consider artificial grass.

Artificial grass is a durable turf that feels and looks just like real grass. It provides a place where you can enjoy being surrounded by your garden with the use of a bench or even a blanket. The best part is that it comes without the maintenance. So, that means there is no mowing, no watering, and no fertilizing. Let’s face it, mowing can be a difficult chore to do within the confines of a garden. And, for those growing edible items, you want to be careful how many fertilizers come in contact with the produce.

Whether you want to re-vamp your current garden or plant your first, don’t forget to include the artificial grass.