Driveways are more versatile than you may think. They can come in all shapes, sizes, and designs and are generally created to match the look of the home. A few of the most common types you may find are:

Asphalt. This provides a hard and durable surface for driving and parking, but it doesn’t provide the most eye-appealing look.

Pavers. These come in all assorted colors and shapes. Some are interlocking while others make use of mortar. If installed properly, these types of driveways can appear in very decorative patterns.

Exposed aggregate. Sleek and modern is the look of these types of driveways. Created using concrete mixed with small pebbles and stones, it provides a solid, smooth, and non-slip surface.

Poured concrete. This is one of the most common types of driveways. It’s a durable surface that can last many years and can be poured into various shapes.

Stamped concrete. Made of poured concrete, this driveway uses stamps to create a decorative look. In fact, you can achieve the look of slate, cobblestone, and even brick without having to go through the tedious process to obtain the real thing. This is an effective time and money saver.

Now that you know the most common, here is one of the hottest and newest methods to use for driveways: artificial grass. While you could use it on its own as a driveway, the trend is to mix one of the abovemethods with the artificial grass. By doing so, you can turn ordinary concrete, for instance, into an area of mesmerizing geometric shapes or sharp lines. The bright green grass makes a bold statement against the hard surface.

Sure, you could always use regular ol’ grass, but why would you want to? Artificial grass requires no maintenance and will always leave you with a perfectly presented driveway.