It’s that time of year again …

The time when we put away the sunscreen and prepare for shorter days and cooler weather.

That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to stop thinking about summer – quite the contrary! There’s no better time to start thinking about next summer than a full year in advance. This gives you time to consider what you want for your home for summer 2018.

See, it’s not so bad!

Today, we’d like to explore eight backyard landscape ideas to think about for next summer.

Whether you didn’t get around to updating your yard, installing that firepit, or addressing that unsightly brown lawn, you’ll find a few ideas worth consideration below.

Let’s take a look.

Time for New Patio Decking?

If you want to go big and make a statement, then you should consider laying new patio decking.

Patio areas come in all shapes and sizes and will create a space outside where you, your friends, and your family can relax in comfort outdoors.

Rooftop patio with artificial grass

Some people choose to install a covered patio that offers an extension of their indoor space that can be used for multiple things such as bicycle storage, furniture storage, or a fun play area for toddlers.

Explore how adding patio grass can create an even more welcoming yard.

Replace that Brown Lawn Already!

dead lawn

One easy way to give your yard a fresh breath of life is to replace your lawn with artificial grass.

In addition to saving you time, money, and water all year round, an artificial lawn looks great all year round and requires minimal maintenance.

And by minimal maintenance, we mean you have to brush leaves off of it every now and then.

Not sure where to start?

Just compare the differences between natural sod and turf.

Look, we understand …

Your dream house is supposed to have a bright green natural lawn!

In the past couple of years, we’ve experienced extremely warm weather and extremely wet weather … both of which aren’t kind to natural lawn. Maintaining a natural lawn requires constant attention, either by you or a landscaping professional. On top of that, a natural lawn needs fertilizer and mowing in order to maintain a healthy appearance.

Here, we’ll show you the difference …

We replaced the natural lawn pictured above with a combination of artificial grass and Veridian putting turf.

artificial grass difference

If you’re tired of fighting to keeping your lawn healthy, there’s a simple solution …

Replace it with artificial grass.

Take a look at this guide to selecting the right artificial grass for your yard to get started.

buy artificial grass AGL

Add a retaining wall

If you’d like to organize your yard into clear sections, there’s no better way to do so than a retaining wall.

Retaining walls allow you to divide your landscape into areas dedicated to flowers, gardening, and more. Consider the aesthetic benefits of adding stylish retaining walls, featuring a variety of stone and other materials, when planning your projects for 2018.

Want to add depth to your yard?

This is how you do it.

Diamond Elite Artificial Turf

Retaining walls allow you to add more dimension to your yard because they raise the level of your soil so you can plant a garden in a more presentable way.

Learn more about installing retaining walls here.

Add a warm firepit

We hear from a lot of customers around this time who are interested in adding a firepit for next summer.

And there’s no better time to start planning.

Stone fire pit in backyard

Firepits are a great centerpiece where you can bring your friends and family together outside and relax in comfort.

Learn more about adding your own firepit in the backyard or take a look at our gallery of firepits we’ve installed.


Need help?

We understand taking on a landscaping project may seem like a lot of work … because it is.

The key to creating a beautiful backyard is to evaluate your DIY experience and consider hiring a professional if it seems beyond your abilities. We put together a quick guide to help you understand what makes a good landscaping professional.

If you’d like, we’d be happy to help you out as well.

get a free estimate

We want your backyard project to be a success, which is why we listen to your ideas and guide you to the best possible solution.

Either way, we wish you happy landscaping and look forward to helping out if you need it.