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Weed Barrier

  • Size:  3 x 300′ or 6′ x 300′
  • Warranty:  3 Years

Weed barrier is a product used to prevent weeds from growing into your landscaping. Our weed barrier doesn’t contain any absorbent material and allows liquid to flow through minimizing odors. This technology is especially useful for an area with pet activity.

Product Specifications & Testing

PropertyTest MethodValue
Mass per Unit AreaASTM D 52613.5 oz/yd
Tensile StrengthASTM D 4632135 lbs
ElongationASTM D 4632>70%
Trapezoidal TearASTM D 453350 lbs
Puncture StrengthASTM D 483335 lbs
AOSASTM D 475160/70 sieve
PermittivityASTM D 44911.2 Sec-1
Water Flow RateASTM D 449170 gal/ft/min