Artificial turf is a great option for any yard, and there are all kinds of benefits to having it installed. If you’ve decided to get it for your home, have you thought about installing it yourself? It’s not as hard as it looks, can be done quite quickly and will look fantastic when you’re done.

Here’s the best guide to installing your own artificial lawn.

Why Artificial Turf?

There’s a whole host of reasons why you’d choose to have an artificial lawn installed. For example, it never needs watering, so you’ll save a huge amount of time and money maintaining it. You’ll never have to mow it. In fact, all you have to do is remove debris from it regularly and give it a brush with a stiff bristle brush.

The other great benefit is that it will look amazing all year round. You’ll never have to worry about it going brown in the summer or being dug up by your pets. If you’re looking for a zero maintenance lawn, this is it.

Why Install it Yourself?

Installing a lawn yourself is nowhere near as hard as it sounds. In fact, depending on the size of the area you want to cover, it can be done in a single day. If you want a DIY project that will drastically improve the look of yard, this is it. It only needs a few tools and the steps involved are very easy to follow.

By installing it yourself, you’ll have the pride and sense of accomplishment of creating something all by yourself. There’s no price that can be put on that feeling. The best part is that you can save money by installing your lawn yourself. Home improvements can often be costly, but they don’t always have to be. This job only requires you to buy a few things that are readily available in DIY stores or online. Then, you can just get on with the job with no setbacks, or waiting around. What could be better than that?

Tools for the Job

There are a few tools you’ll need for the job, some you may already have in your garage.

– Your artificial turf: Before you buy, measure out the area you’ll install it in, to ensure you’ll have enough for the job.

– Sharp building sand: This will sit under your lawn.

– Weed control fabric or membrane: This sits above the sand and under your lawn to stop seeds germinating in the sand.

– Craft knife: To cut around corners and ensure your lawn fits correctly in your yard.

– Stiff bristled brush: This will be to brush the lawn once it’s installed to ensure its lying properly.

– Digging tools: This can be a spade, or a turf cutting tool depending on how much grass needs to be removed.

– Joining tape and adhesive: To attach two pieces of turf together if needed.

– Ground pins: To pin the edges of your lawn down.

– Club hammer: To help level the sand before laying your lawn.

How to Install Your Artificial Turf

– Step one: You’ll need to remove your existing lawn before the new one can be installed. If you’re only laying a small lawn, it can probably be cut out with a spade. If it’s larger, you may want to hire a turf cutter. Either way, you want to dig down to around 40mm.

– Step two: Add your builder’s sand. This will create the base to your new lawn. Spread it out to a depth of around 35mm. Level the sand out, to ensure your lawn has a smooth base to lie on. The best way to do this is with a builder’s plank and a heavy hammer, so you can compact the sand. The base doesn’t have to be totally flat, you can have gentle slopes and mounds if you so choose.

– Step three: Roll out your weed membrane. This is a vital step, as it will stop weeds germinating underneath your new lawn. Make sure the membrane covers the area completely.

– Step four: Now it’s time to roll out your artificial turf. Look at the blades of grass. You’ll see that they don’t stick up straight, they actually slope to the side. When laying the turf, lay it so the grass actually slopes towards the house. This means then when you look out at your lawn, it will look full and natural. Lay your turf out in a staggered pattern, so you won’t have a visible line between pieces of turf. When it’s down, use your craft knife to cut it to size.

– Step five: Fix the grass down: Now you have your turf where it should be lying, you’ll need to affix it down. Roll out your joining tape where the rolls will meet, rough side up. Then, use adhesive to stick the rolls down. This will take about two-three hours to fully dry. You’ll also need to pin the edges of your lawn down, using ground pins.

– Step six: You’re almost done! All you need to do now is brush your lawn with the stiff bristled brush. This will give it a much more full and natural appearance.

Sit Back and Enjoy Your New Lawn

Now your lawn is installed, you’re almost done with it. You’ll just have to maintain it every now and then to ensure it stays in great shape.

– Remove debris: Remove leaves and other debris as often as you can. It can encourage weeds to grow on your lawn, so it’s best to clear your lawn whenever you see leaves.

– Brush: Give your lawn a brush every so often, to ensure that the bristles stay fluffy and natural looking.

And that’s it. Now it’s installed, you can enjoy your yard to its fullest without having to do all the hard work.

Take pride in what you’ve done, and see just how good your yard can look with an artificial lawn.