Water is one of our most precious natural resources.

Although the Earth’s surface is 70 percent water, less than three percent is fresh water. Only one percent of freshwater is available for human consumption and use. Drought and the potential impacts of climate change contribute to the uncertainty surrounding water availability.

Homeowners and business owners use significant amounts of water in landscaping. Over half of the water used at residences and businesses that are landscaped is spent on outdoor watering. Landscape irrigation accounts for approximately 30 percent of all residential water use.

Outdoor water conservation offers the potential for significant water savings.

If you currently have a landscape that consists primarily of grass, replacing the grass with an attractive water smart landscape is one of the best ways to conserve water and reduce your water bills.

Rebate Programs

In addition to saving on water bills, some homeowners are eligible for water rebates that help replace natural lawn with artificial lawn or other water-efficient landscapes.

Local governments have begun to take steps to conserve water usage, especially in frequent areas of drought. Cash for Grass Rebate programs provide homeowners with the opportunity to convert their lawns into water-saving landscapes and receive a rebate for doing so. Cash for Grass programs help beautify neighborhoods and businesses while simultaneously conserving valuable resources.

What is Water Smart Landscaping?

Is possible to have a lush, beautiful landscape and still conserve water?

Yes, water smart landscaping offers beautiful landscapes that incorporate landscaping elements that require less water than traditional grass lawns. These landscapes are attractive and conserve precious resources.

Water smart landscaping includes drought-tolerant native plants, synthetic turf, and hardscaping, using stepping stones, gravel, or similar materials.

Where do I Learn More?

Many cities offer grass replacement rebate programs.

They are typically open to private residences, non for profit organizations, public agencies, and businesses. Check with your local city government or local water company for more information. Rebates can be as much as $3 or more per square foot, depending upon the specific rebate.

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