If you manage a retail center, commercial office park or office building, retaining tenants is typically a very high priority. You want to attract new tenants and also retain long-term tenants. One of the ways to do this is by providing quality landscaping. There is a correlation between landscaping and building occupancy rates. High-quality landscaping increases occupancy rates. Read on to discover why that is, and how you can use landscaping in your business.

Attracts Visitors

Colorful plants and full trees are aesthetically pleasing. They create a welcoming environment that attracts people. Landscaping encourages shoppers to stay longer and helps them feel more at ease. This can translate into increased sales and higher profits.

Provides a Space that Employees Enjoy Being In

Providing gardens, patios and other outdoor spaces can be very helpful to retaining tenants. It gives employees someplace to gather or relax on breaks. Providing landscaped walking trails can help retain health-conscious employees who enjoy working out on their lunch break.

Gives the Property a Well-Maintained Look

There is nothing that will turn away customers and potential employees quicker than a poorly maintained property. The right landscaping can transform a bland outside area into a clean, aesthetically-pleasing environment. Artificial turf is great for commercial landscaping because it looks green and vibrant all year long. Plus, it is easy to maintain and saves businesses money as it does not require expensive lawn-care treatments like real grass does.

Reduces Crime

A building that has poor lighting and overgrown shrubs invites burglars as it makes it easier for them to enter the building without being seen. The right landscape lighting, pruning and maintenance can go a long way towards deterring crime on your property. A property that is perceived as safe and secure draws both tenants and visitors. The cost of landscaping is much less than the cost of hiring security guards.

Attractive landscaping can help retain tenants and draw visitors to your property. Landscaping is a cost-effective method of not only making your property look better but reducing crime, as well.

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