Artificial Grass Installation

Keeping the beauty and maintaining the natural longevity of synthetic turf areas depends largely on precisely following standard procedures for artificial grass installation. Taking shortcuts can result in bumps, high spots, low spots, poor drainage and lifting of edges. Improper installation can result in visually disturbing pattern mismatching of the turf as well. Following the steps to proper installation results in artificial grass that looks so real passersby would have to touch it to know it is not.

Proper Artificial Grass Installation Includes:

  • Removing all natural turf to a depth of 2 to 4 inches.
  • Evening out the area to hold the aggregate base.
  • Spreading decomposed granite or Class 2 road base material.
  • Filling in aggregate voids with a layer of finer limestone or clay filler.
  • Tamping the entire base.
  • Placing a weed barrier.
  • Placing and trimming artificial grass.
  • Matching grain patterns.
  • Trimming artificial grass to fit.
  • Taping and sealing seams.
  • Securing the perimeter with turf nails or staples.
  • Spreading an even layer of acrylic coated sand infill.
  • Brushing in infill material.

Completing Artificial Grass Installation - Artificial Grass Liquidators

Do Not Take Shortcuts Installing Artificial Grass

Shortcuts taken with any step or in the quality of materials used during artificial grass installation is what causes complaints about synthetic turf. When synthetic grass is installed correctly, it looks beautiful and lasts. It will not pool water when it rains, and it feels firm underfoot like real grass. Seams must be properly taped and secured to avoid lifting and presenting a tripping hazard. Taking the time to do it right yields positive long lasting results.

Do-It-Yourself Versus Professional Installation of Artificial Grass

Homeowners wanting to replace a small front lawn of approximately 100 square feet may make installing artificial grass a successful weekend project. Larger areas should probably be left to professional installers. Here at Artificial Grass Liquidators (AGL), we have 12 years of synthetic grass installation experience. We have the tools and the manpower to remove and dispose of large areas of natural turf to prepare the area for artificial grass installation.

At AGL we can create level spaces for entertaining outdoors, safe playground surfaces for children, turf areas that can hold up to pets, a green lawn in shady areas, putting greens, and we can even create green indoor areas for indoor pools and other installations. The possibilities for using synthetic grass are endless. We even have small synthetic turf mats for your pet’s comfort.

Large and Small Projects Using Artificial Grass

Large and small areas are suitable for artificial grass. It is used in sports stadiums where tens of thousands of square feet get installed on one field as well as small projects such as putting artificial grass over a concrete patio or covering a narrow strip of property between two homes that are close together. Rocky and sandy soils where grass will not grow are also perfect locations for beautifully realistic synthetic grass.

Any place where customers desire that lush green look of manicured lawns is the perfect place for the instant, year-round, natural-looking beauty of synthetic turf from Artificial Grass Liquidators.