If you’re interested in installing artificial grass, you may be interested in how exactly artificial grass installation costs are determined.

So how does it work?

You like the idea of using artificial turf for your lawn, but have some questions about the cost of purchase and installation.

Being the savvy buyer that you are, you decide to contact a local professional and obtain a quote. After taking a look at the grounds, that professional will provide you with a quote based on several factors. Here are some of the main aspects that will be used to create that quote for the artificial grass installation costs.

Preparing the Grounds

One of the first things that the professional will do is get an idea of what it will take to prepare the grounds for the artificial grass.

If there is already real grass in place, the sod must be removed first. There may be some need to grade the land, especially if you would like for the yards to be less rolling and more level. The professional will take into consideration any rock formations that have to go, along with what it will take to install the product around trees and other elements of the landscaping.

Even the type of aggregate that must be installed to serve as the foundation for the grass will have an impact on the pricing.

The Size of Your Property

Your front lawn is not all that large, but the back yard is another story.

Along with considering the preparation that must be done, the professional will calculate the square footage that the artificial grass must cover. Remember that if the property does include some dips and inclines, that will increase the total amount or product needed to cover the grounds.

Keep in mind the professional will allow a small percentage of additional footage as a precaution. If that extra is not used in the installation, you can still keep it on hand for repair purposes.

The Type of Grass You Want

What sort of artificial turf do you want?

Depending on the style and the shade of green you have in mind, the price per square foot can be higher or lower. For example, you may like the idea of Kentucky Blue for your lawn. Maybe bahai grass is more to your liking.

A professional can help you make this decision by showing you samples of different types of grasses and providing the opportunity to see how each one would look on the lawn.

What Can You Afford?

You may be in love with one type of artificial turf, but the cost is not in line with your budget.

That’s okay.

The contractor can work with you to identify a turf that does fit into your budget and provides at least most of the features you want. By being open to more than one alternative, you increase the potential of identifying something that will not wreak havoc with the household budget, and will provide many years of reliable service.

The only way to find out about the cost of installing artificial grass is to get help from a local provider. Many providers are happy to visit the homes of prospective customers, listen to what they have in mind, and then take a look at their properties.

Once you have a pro take a look and go over the options, it will be easy to determine if now is the time to invest in the grass, or if you spend some time setting aside a little more money before you move forward with the project.

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