Since the advent of artificial grass, consumers have been wondering about its usefulness and practicality. The main complaint from consumers about artificial grass in their turf was the fact that it looked so fake. Artificial grass and astroturfing has come a long way since its inception a few decades ago and throughout each of the iterations of artificial grass, it has only continued to improve. Increased user requirements and intense competition between artificial turf companies have given rise to a new generation to a new generation of synthetic turf systems that replicate the look and playability of natural, lush grass. As a result, artificial grass cost has been drastically reduced in the past couple of years and business is booming.

Artificial Grass Cost

The main reason why one should purchase artificial grass is due to water conservation and a heightened sense of environmental awareness. Every year, billions of gallons of water are saved through the use of artificial turf; it is a no-brainer that everyone that is conscience of the environmental impact that the overuse of water causes should be interested in artificial grass cost and artificial grass installation. It’s no wonder that homeowners, business, parks, municipalities and government entities use synthetic grass as an attractive landscape solution that saves time, money, and water.

The biggest reason that one might consider the continually reducing number of artificial grass cost is the appeal of the reduced cost of installing and maintaining a synthetic turf yard compared to real grass. The average cost of maintaining an artificial grass lawn over a 20 year period is over three times less expensive than the cost of a grass field over the same period of time. As one can plainly see , the sheer amount of artificial grass cost per year is much less than a regular lawn.

Another big reason as to why one should install artificial grass is due to it’s versatility. It can be used in various applications and nothing beats the look of beautifully landscaped synthetic turf. What’s more, artificial grass can often be installed in places where grass can’t grow or be effectively maintained.

As if that weren’t enough, local municipalities are offering rebates for individuals who install synthetic turf in their homes. With the coming of California’s largest water drought in decades, local governments are offering a $1 per square foot rebate for home owners who install artificial grass in their homes for up to a $1,000 rebate.