Artificial Grass Liquidators Buyer's Guide

Let's find the artificial grass that matches your lifestyle!

Our product specialists will walk you through everything you need to know to find the best turf for you. But before we begin, we’ll need to know a little bit more about your project. Considerations like kids, pets, and foot traffic help us determine which product will best serve you.

Understanding the Technology

01. Artificial Grass Blades

The two most important components of artificial grass blades are the blade shape and yarn quality.

Blade Shape

Blades shape affects the feel, performance, appearance, and longevity of your turf. Do you want a soft-to-the-touch lawn or something that will stand straight for years to come? Maybe you can even get both! For yards that see a lot of use we recommend c-shape blades. And if you want to keep your lawn up to 15 degrees cooler, ask about our wave and w-shaped blades.

Yarn Quality

Just as important as blade shape is yarn quality! Different yarns are better suited for different environments. Our patented DuraBlade technology is perfect for sunny climates and yards with lots of foot traffic! Its unique molecular structure prevents flattening and fading over time, and DuraBlade is also softer and more natural looking than other commonly used yarns.

02. Artificial Grass Backing

The backing binds the turf together and allows moisture to escape into the ground below.

OptimumFlow Backing

The backing binds turf together and allows moisture to escape into the ground below. Quality backings create more comfortable living experiences by quickly whisking away water. In fact, our patented OptimumFlow backings drain liquids 8 to 10 times faster than a standard backing! This technology is a key feature of AGL’s Hydro Series, and is ideal for homes with pets.

Standard Backing

We also have polyurethane and latex backings. Polyurethane is a tear resistant material that won’t deteriorate or crumble in harsh weather. Latex backings are best suited for indoor environments, which don’t require the same strength or water permeability as outdoor turf.

The AGL Promise

By learning more about your project and how your yard will be used, our product specialists will be able to find the best turf for you!