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The Most Popular Types of Artificial Grass Applications

Are you frustrated with the constant need for lawn maintenance?

Are you frustrated with the constant need for lawn maintenance?

Unpredictable weather and busy lifestyles make upkeep difficult, but there are natural lawn alternatives to consider.

Artificial grass has become a popular way of enjoying a beautiful lush green lawn area. It has a wide variety of uses, which is why it continues to be popular throughout the world.

Some people have little garden space or don’t want to commit to laying a full lawn. If so, perhaps it’s time to consider using artificial grass to brighten up select areas. Artificial grass can be used for many cosmetic purposes and to enhance tired and unattractive spaces. Temporary installation is an option for both the indoors and out, from playgrounds to offices, to kennels and lawns – artificial grass affords creativity and convenience.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular artificial grass applications.


Wooden decking areas often become weathered and discolored over time.

This can be prevented by the application of a protective surface cover. If decking has already incurred damage, a protective cover can prevent further harm. An effective solution to worn areas is to place artificial grass over the decking. T

his grass has the added benefit of being significantly less slippery than wood. Instead of a hard surface exposed to the weather, artificial grass gives a soft feel and provides an injection of color.

Deck furniture can be placed on top and pots added to give dimension and interest.

Roof Garden Areas Patios & Balconies

Artificial grass is the perfect way to renovate any ugly or unused outdoor space.

A section of grass can become an eye-catching center piece that emphasises an area. It can turn a roof garden, patio, balcony or conservatory into an enjoyable additional modern outdoor living space, adding color, comfort and providing a place to spend time relaxing. It can transform views of flat roofs or gray concrete balconies into lush green spaces and it offers a low maintenance alternative to natural green roofs and patios.

It provides protection to delicate roofing systems and is also insulating.


Artificial grass is a great way to add a sense of fun to a home or office building.

After all, summer is the time for al fresco parties. But the weather can be too unpredictable and throw the best-laid plans into disarray. The answer? Why not change the style and décor of the indoor rooms and bring the outside in? Ideal for sports-themed events, artificial grass is child and pet-friendly. It’s safe to play on for the kid at their parties, plus spills are far easier to deal with. It will liven any gathering and offer a unique and practical theme.

Artificial grass is also versatile and hard wearing, making it the perfect solution for a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications.

Business Use

Many businesses are opting for artificial grass throughout the office for a vast amount of reasons.

Artificial grass is perfect for short-lease offices or events, as there’s no trace of the turf after its removal.

It is tough and suitable for indoor use in high traffic areas.

It can be installed directly onto most floor surfaces, as if it were a normal floor covering such as wooden floor or carpet. Artificial grass is a wonderful basis for an exciting and original workplace. In fact, studies have shown that artificial grass has a positive effect on how employees work. It creates a calmer, more productive workforce. Many companies now offer staff chill-out zones, varying from a simple, calm space to have lunch and relax, to a full on entertainment area.

On a wet Monday lunchtime, eating lunch in the park is out, and having an indoor garden means summer can be enjoyed all year round.

Not only is artificial grass easy to clean, but it also offers a unique and special feel. It can be used to protect existing carpet and floor coverings indoors.

With it you will be able to cover unsightly concrete and decking and no muddy puddles or bald patches will be found on your lawn. It saves time, energy and money.

Types of Artificial Grass Applications

Artificial grass is simple to install and requires little maintenance. It is made of a hard, durable material. This means that while it looks like real grass, it requires hardly any upkeep. It won’t develop scuffs, dents or holes, which can be unsafe as well as unsightly. It doesn’t require mowing, and won’t lose its color. Below you will find different methods on how you can create a temporary garden, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Loose lay: Place the artificial grass on the area to be covered. If the grass is to be laid outside, objects such as plant pots can hold down areas that strong winds may pick up. Artificial grass can lay flat without movement if used inside, as there will be no outside weather conditions affecting it.
  • Underfelt: Underfelt is the answer if the surface needs to have a softer and more absorbent feel. This is placed underneath the artificial grass and both of these items are connected using joints.
  • Adhesive fix: Use a polyurethane adhesive to bond the grass to a joining tape or a solid sub-surface. This ensures the artificial grass stays in place. The adhesive will cure over between 1 and 12 hours, depending on the temperature where it is placed. Polyurethane adhesive can also be used in damp conditions. This is perfect if using artificial grass for temporary use outside.
  • Mechanical Fix: This option is quick and easy if artificial grass is to be placed on a wooden surface. When the grass is in the correct position, use a staple gun or place nails into the corners of the grass. This prevents movement within the artificial grass.

As we have discovered, artificial grass has many temporary uses. Real grass may be a comfortable and visually pleasing surface, but it comes with many associated problems. Artificial grass gives you an unyielding surface that will stand up to heavy use. It won’t become squashed, scuffed and muddy. Artificial grass provides an attractive, clean, long lasting and easily manageable surface -temporary or permanent.




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