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Optimum Flow™

New Non-Perforated Backing

AGL is proud to introduce a new, non-perforarted backing that will drastically affect the drainage efficiency of our turf. Our artificial grass is made with polyethylene yarn, which does not hold moisture the way that nylon fibers do. With the new patent-pending Optimum Flow™ backing that increases the drainage rate by approximately 400% and our moisture resistant fibers, the turf will be cleaner, drier, and free from any unpleasant pet odors.

Designed to Last a Lifetime

This patent-pending backing was designed and created to last the lifetime of the turf and eliminate the drainage problems commonly seen over time as particles clog the perforations. Finally, you will have a percolation rate that stays consistent throughout the life of the turf system.

ArmorLoc™ 3L

ArmorLoc™ is the spine of artificial grass manufacturing. ArmorLoc™ unique double- ply backing sets it apart from every other backing. The first ply is a polypropylene sheet; the second ply is a polyester sheet. These 2 parts are already fused together as 1 unit before the tufting process. Almost all other backings are just a 1 part polypropylene backing and sometimes a second layer of polypropylene is added. Even if a manufacturer offers 2 ply backing, it is not fused together prior to tufting, rather it is stitched together during manufacturing while the needle is tufting the backing. This method raises issue with stability of the backing by not being 1 unit before the manufacturing process. It can cause – waves, wrinkles, creases, and can expand or contract.

The goal when manufacturing artificial grass is to have a strong tuft bind. Unfortunately, coating over the stitch rows is not going to give you that. This is a practice of many of our competitors. It is likely to rub off during installation and break the tuft bind. To have a high-quality turf product, you will want to purchase products that include the AGL ArmorLoc™ Technology.


SilverBack™ is a specialized urethane glue with less air volume and fillers than other glues. It plays a key role in the success of good tuft bind. It penetrates between all grass blades while absorbing them into the backing. Your standard urethane glue will just coat the backing with weak penetration. AGL’s SilverBack™ Technology application allows for more thorough coverage and support of the blades.

Why is Tuft Binding Important?

The backing is what locks the grass blades in place so they do not pull or fall out. The stronger the backing, the longer the artificial grass will last. Tuft bind is the method of measuring the strength of the attachment of the grass to the backing. It determines how much force it takes to pull out a grass fiber. Without a strong tuft bind, artificial grass will not hold up on most applications. Almost all artificial grass has more than 4 blades going into 1 weave (tuft) of the backing which makes the tuft bind lock very tricky. We have very effectively mastered this through our ArmorLoc™ and SilverBack™ technology. This backing application is only available through various Artificial Grass Liquidators (AGL) product lines and makes the turf much more durable than turf products without the application. This keeps your lawns looking more beautiful over time and thereby protecting your investment.

DuraBlade™ Technology

We have upgraded our yarn quality on select products from C4 to C8. The molecular structure of C8 is our DuraBlade™ Technology which has a longer carbon chain which increases durability, resilience, temperature resistance and even the look and feel.

DuraBlade™ Technology integrates the raw material with a  modern extrusion technique to improve fiber performance.

  • Higher Durability: 2X more durable than existing grades and better resistance to high-traffic.
  • Resilience: More resilience to flattening blades.
  • Temperature Resistance: Better protected against fading
  • Improved Look: Softer look and a more natural feel


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