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7 Ways to Add Flowers to Your Yard

add flowers to your yard

There is no need to worry about an artificial lawn putting an end to your days of enjoying pretty flowers in your garden. Indeed, once you make the move to synthetic turf, you will find that you are able to enjoy a more colorful, lively garden than ever before.

If you want to have an outdoor space that combines flowers and artificial grass, then the following tips will help you to achieve this effortlessly.

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Use Raised Flower Beds

Perhaps the easiest approach to take is that of planting raised flower beds around the edges of the lawn. This will let you put color all around the lawn without affecting your artificial grass.

You can easily and cheaply build these raised beds using the likes of logs or railway sleepers, before infilling the beds with compost and topsoil. Once you have some raised beds ready to use, you can put pretty much anything that you want to in there.

It is better to put raised beds around the outside of the lawn rather than on it, as this will give the plants the space that they need to put down roots and also for drainage purposes.

Put Flowers in Pots and Containers

Another good idea is to use plant pots and containers for putting your flowers in. One of the big benefits of doing this is that you can put them directly on the lawn if you want to.

You can also move the pots and containers around as much as you like, in order to find the perfect arrangement or to suit your changing tastes. You will be able to get very creative when doing this, as you will find that suitable containers come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Just make sure that you choose containers with drainage holes so that the plants don’t sit in stagnant water. Having done that, it is then just a question of choosing the right flowers and carefully placing the containers in the best possible location.

Fit the Grass around Existing Flower Beds

There is also another approach that you might want to use in the situation where you have existing, mature flowerbeds that you don’t want to disturb. If you want to add artificial turf to the garden, then you can fit it around these flower beds.

This is because synthetic grass can be cut to size and made to fit any space. You will end up with a unique and interesting look by making your lawn fit snugly around the existing objects in the garden.

Of course, this makes the process of putting down the lawn a little bit trickier, but certainly not impossible. If you decide to lay it yourself as a DIY project then it could prove to be a lot of fun.

Use Hanging Plant Baskets

The use of hanging baskets also gives any outdoor space a new breath of life. By hanging flowers over and around the lawn, you will get a beautiful presentation without laying a finger on it.

There are numerous types of material you can use here, from wood and woven materials to wire baskets. It makes sense to spend some time thinking about what type of materials would enhance your property when used in this way.

After that it is a question of finding the perfect flowers and then looking for a wall or tree to hang the flower baskets from. Again, this is a wonderful opportunity to get creative and hang your baskets in a way that really catches the eye.

Go for Low Maintenance Plants and Flowers

One of the reasons that you probably considered an artificial lawn in the first place is that they are so easy to maintain. Therefore, it makes sense to also go for plants and flowers that are easy to look after.

In this way, you will get a tremendous looking garden that doesn’t require you to do much at all to look after it. This is perfect if you lead a busy lifestyle or simply don’t find much interest in the idea of looking after your plants.

It is also worth remembering at this point that it is possible to get an eco-friendly garden in this way. For instance, you can get started by looking at recycled artificial turf that looks fantastic and doesn’t damage the planet.

Add Rocks and Stones

A fine way to add some style to a synthetic lawn with flowers is by putting some rocks and stones in it. This gives a lovely, natural look that adds texture and interest to any outdoor space.

You will want to get the size and color of the rocks just right, as there are a number of different types to choose from. For example, small and shiny white stones can look amazing in the right setting while other gardens might be better suited to chunky big rocks.

It can be brilliant fun to play around with different ideas as you look for the perfect way to get the look you are after.  You can also then move the stones around from time to time whenever you want a new look.

Add Color All Year Round

Finally, we can’t forget that one of the big benefits of artificial turf is that it stays green and attractive all year round no matter what the weather is like. Why not use this as your inspiration to find flowers that also add color and life for 12 months of the year too?

There are plenty of different types of perennial flowers that you can pick from. It is, therefore, a question of finding the right flowers for style you want, as well as to suit the climate where you live.

The combination of the right flowers and a quality synthetic lawn adds up to a terrific look that you will love. This will give you a captivating outdoor space where it is a genuine pleasure to spend some time or to show off your lawn to visitors.

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