Artificial grass rugs are great for indoor spaces. Here are 7 common places for artificial grass rugs for your consideration.

Most people think artificial turf is just for professional sports or big events, but artificial grass rugs are becoming more popular for home interiors and exteriors.

Synthetic grass rugs provide a lovely, unexpected design element to home, garden or workspaces. A whimsical fusion of indoors and outdoors, synthetic grass is functional, easy to care for, long-lasting and inexpensive.

Have we piqued your interest?

Read on to find out about 7 common places where you can place an artificial grass rug so that it looks great.

1. Bring the Park to Your Balcony or Deck

Perhaps the most common place for a synthetic turf rug is on a balcony or deck.

With the addition of a turf rug, a balcony becomes more dynamic and inviting. Perfect for high-rise apartments, condos or spaces with limited access to the outdoors, a turf rug makes people want to kick off their shoes and relax. Grass rugs are great for parties and gatherings, as they are easily cleaned and can withstand high traffic and any spills.

2. Spice Up a Cabana or Lounge Tent

There’s nothing like stepping into a cabana and lounging in the warm shelter with a drink.

A grass rug enriches the atmosphere of a cabana by adding fantasy, texture and boosts the inside-outside charm inherent in a cabana.

Whether poolside, beachside or garden side, a cabana should be a comfortable shelter from the sun or rain. Many cabanas have concrete flooring, which can become cold and wet from dripping feet and swimsuits – not pretty or comfortable. Artificial grass rugs absorb and drain excess moisture, so cabana furniture stays clean and dry. Add a string of holiday twinkle lights for another inexpensive mood enhancer.

3. Get Creative in the Garden

A creative, well-designed garden patio, veranda, or outdoor space becomes much more dynamic with the addition of a grass rug. Many companies offer grass rugs that are completely customizable, so it’s possible to play with shapes, borders, patterns and even colors. Some grass rugs are cut into circles, or modified to cover the seat of a bench or chair. Try a geometric design with squares, or encompass the patio with a thick border of artificial grass rugs.

Built to withstand rain, snow, and wind, the grass rug may just be the lowest maintenance component of your garden space! Placement on the patio also facilitates easy cleaning with quick access to hose off the rug whenever necessary. Artificial grass rugs facilitate group sports or individual fitness, while also providing a picnic spot or play area—think bocce ball, water balloon fight, or classic limbo. You can even try a faux grass rug underneath a trampoline.

4. Add Adventure to the Game room, Nursery or Child’s Bedroom

Bring a bit of the wild outdoors into your child’s bedroom, nursery, or playroom by adding a synthetic turf area rug. Playing on a grass rug encourages a child’s imagination and sense of adventure. They will love it. This can be especially beneficial for kids growing up in urban areas or apartment buildings without access to a yard or playground.

Furthermore, consider the grass rug as an investment in preserving the floor or carpet in your home—most synthetic turf is durable and stain-resistant. Moreover, the majority of grass rugs are backed by a gripping rubber mat to ensure safety, firmness, and stability to the ground. Grass rugs are soft for romping around on, and pets love them too.

5. Artificial Grass Rugs Are Great Throughout the Home

For a lively addition of color and an impressive conversation starter, add a stylish synthetic grass rug to the living room space. Artificial grass rugs are available in varying lengths—from short and streamlined to long and fluffy blades that are luxurious to sink your feet into. Combine your grass rug with natural wood furnishings and sunlight streaming through the windows. Customize faux grass to cover a window seat or create a pathway. Imagine waking up in the morning and setting your bare feet on a soft grass rug. Synthetic grass rugs are also great for areas designated for workout and fitness.

Pet owners will be happy to learn that you can also buy specially designed artificial grass rugs for pets to use the bathroom inside. This is more convenient for both owners and pets, and doesn’t undermine pets training.

6. Brighten Up an Office or Workspace

Office interiors will especially benefit from the addition of a synthetic grass rug. Whether incorporated into a décor that is modern or classic, artificial grass rugs are a refreshing accent sure to foster positivity and encourage productivity. Workspaces are often drab and uninspiring, but reimagine congregations around the water cooler by adding a grass turf break area where employees can kick off their shoes and relax for a moment. Alternatively, make a conference more inviting and less intimidating by installing a large synthetic grass rug beneath the conference table.

7. Off the Ground

Artificial grass rugs don’t need to be relegated to the ground! A popular new trend in interior design is using turf rugs on the wall, to add special texture and brightness. Grass rugs can even serve as a cool alternative to a headboard behind the bed. A smartly cut grass rug can make an eye-catching table runner or coffee table component. Whether incorporated into a sleek living area or a child’s bedroom, a bit of framed faux grass is fun and eccentric, which visitors to your home will appreciate. For a DIY project, cut and spray paint your own patches of faux grass to make an alternative work of art or something more specialized like coasters or a stair runner.

Whether inside the home, on the balcony or in the garden, the possibilities for artificial grass carpets are endless. Remember, turf is available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors, lengths, and densities. Before choosing the right artificial grass rug for you, consider comfort, intended use, and your personal style. Without a doubt, every home and yard could benefit from a soft, sunny patch of astroturf.