Paintball has become a popular weekend activity that involves throwing or shooting breakable balls of dye or paint at people. Games of paintball are played on specialized paintball fields that are covered with grass.

Sports turf is an excellent choice for paintball fields for several reasons.

1. Simple Maintenance

Natural grass requires frequent mowing, watering and fertilizing, but during these processes, it is impossible to use a paintball field. For paintball field managers, there is a serious loss of income while the surfaces are undergoing maintenance. In the summer, a paintball field may require mowing every five to seven days, leading to a lot of downtime for a paintball business. A great way to solve this problem is with the installation of artificial grass that requires no fertilizing, watering or mowing.

2. Soft Surface

The players who are playing paintball frequently play a rough game that involves falling or crawling on the playing field. Artificial grass provides a soft and safe surface to play a rambunctious game of paintball without incurring painful bruises or other injuries. Players won’t need to worry about any rocks or gravel on the playing field because the top layers of dirt are removed to install the artificial grass and turf.

3. Fast Repairs

When a section of artificial grass is damaged during a rough game, paintball managers can replace the surface quickly with a new piece of turf. If damage occurs to natural grass, then the section requires aeration, fertilizing and reseeding. During this process, this particular area of the paintball field is unusable.

4. Easy Cleaning

Paintball is one of the messiest sports because the paint spills on the playing field, leaving wet and dry stains that look unattractive. While natural grass and the underlying soil will absorb the paint and its dyes, paintball managers can use a garden hose or power-washer device to rinse away the debris quickly.

5. More Affordable

With artificial grass, a paintball field manager has lower expenses after the installation because they do not need to hire a lawn maintenance employee or pay for reseeding, watering and fertilizing.

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