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5 Reasons Fake Grass for Dogs Is the Way to Go

Do you need fake grass for your dogs?

Let’s talk about fake grass for dogs.

As a dog owner, you know how much dogs love the outdoors. You also know just how much trouble a dog can create when playing outside on the lawn or in the garden.

From filling up holes caused by a digger to cleaning up dog waste, natural grass is a pain to maintain. Yet, your landscaping is just as important to your property’s value as your dog is to your personal happiness.

Fortunately, there is a solution that allows you to have the best of both worlds while keeping your favorite canine companion happy. Here, are just a few of the reasons why homeowners prefer using fake grass for dogs.

Fake Grass Reduces the Need for Grooming

Your dog may love romping in the mud, yet getting them cleaned up afterward can be quite a chore.

With fake grass, your dog can go outside immediately after a rainstorm, and the most you will have to worry about is a little water. Artificial grass also comes with a special drainage system that allows it to dry quickly so even waiting a few minutes can make a big difference in your household cleaning.

Fake Grass for Dogs Reduces Pests

Fleas, ticks and other critters are a major concern for pet owners since they carry diseases that pose a risk to both human and animal health.

Fake grass for dogs is simply unappealing to pests. While you may still need to have your dog treated for fleas and ticks if you walk in other places with natural grass, you can rest assured that your home’s outdoor spaces are pest-free.

Eliminate Negative Behaviors

Many dogs love to dig, and it can take months of training to get them to stop. Some dogs even dig holes deep enough that they escape out of the yard by going beneath the fence.

Fake grass solves both of these problems since it’s durable enough to stand up to digging, and sturdy enough that a dog cannot burrow beneath it.

Protect Puppy Paws

Most common surfaces used for outdoor landscaping pose a threat to your dog’s safety.

For example, concrete becomes dangerously hot during the summer months and can burn delicate paw pads. Natural grass can grow stickers and sharp thorns that pierce your pup’s skin and can lead to an infection. With artificial grass, all of these concerns are eliminated so that you can let your dog outside without worry.

Mimic Natural Environments

Fake grass also makes it possible for you to create a realistic outdoor experience for your dog inside your house.

Artificial grass provides a comfortable and hygienic surface for doggie play areas such as balconies and basements. Since it is easier to clean than carpet, you can also delight in knowing that a puppy accident will never leave you with a big stain.\

Spend More Time With Your Dog

Between mowing, edging, fertilizing and weeding your lawn, you can pretty much fill up an entire weekend.

Sadly, this is all time that could be better spent spending time with your dog. Once you have fake grass installed, your weekends will be yours once again to do as you please.

Go for a hike, play fetch or just watch your dog play in their new environment while enjoying more bonding time with your favorite pet.

Today, you can simplify your landscaping needs while still creating a beautiful space for your dog to play. Artificial grass is the surface material of choice for dog lovers due to its durability and hygienic properties.

Since new technology has made fake grass look more natural than ever before, you can keep your dog comfortable without sacrificing style.

Are You Considering Fake Grass for Your Dog?

We’d love to hear about your situation.

Let us know why you’re considering installing synthetic turf in the comments section below. Whether you’re interested in replacing your natural lawn with a cleaner, drought-tolerant landscaping solution or you just want to cut back on the mess – we’d love to hear your story.

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