If you live in the city, you may be interested in synthetic turf design ideas.

Adding synthetic grass is a great way for city-dwellers to create a sense of lush green grass in small places.

Green spaces can be hard to come by in the city. However, they are important because they brighten up public spaces and evoke feelings of relaxation and peace. The problem is that real lawns are difficult to care for in urban areas. In addition, many cities have restrictions on water usage.

A great alternative to traditional lawns for city-dwellers is synthetic turf.

Synthetic Grass Design

Artificial grass is lightweight, soft and requires very little maintenance. There are a number of varieties of synthetic grasses available in different textures and lengths. It maintains character and color better than a natural yard.

Artificial turf provides the natural feel and look of real grass without the drawbacks. Here are some of the best ways to use create an outdoor retreat in your small urban space using artificial turf.

Create a Rooftop Garden

In the majority of large cities, backyard space is hard to come by. That is why rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular in metropolitan areas. A rooftop garden is a wonderful way for a homeowner to construct a private, beautiful space that takes advantage of a spectacular city skyline.

What if your rooftop is currently a hot, dirty place that in no way resembles a soothing getaway? Installing a real lawn for a rooftop is problematic because of the heavy weight and drainage of soil. Synthetic turf offers an ideal way to transform your ugly rooftop into a soothing getaway in the heart of the city. Synthetic turf does not have the weight of a real lawn. In addition, it does not have the drainage requirements either. Artificial grass withstands sun and weather extremes, which is important as rooftop garden often experiences direct sunlight. In addition, it withstands foot traffic well. This makes it easy to turn your rooftop garden into an entertaining area.

Transform Your Small Patio Into an Outdoor Entertaining Area

Synthetic grass is a great way to turn your small outdoor space into a great outdoor entertaining area. Incorporate tropical plants in borders and pots at different heights. This creates a generous abundance of greenery that makes your small space feel lush. Another way to open up a small patio space is to hang string lights high. An outdoor space feels larger if it is well lit. In addition, try adding landscape lighting to the plantings in the corners of your patio. This draws the eye all the way to the edges of the space.

Turn Your Unused Balcony Into a Lush Green Space

Turn that small balcony that you do not use into a peaceful oasis by installing artificial turf over the concrete. Many apartment and condo-dwellers have balconies. A lot of the time, these spaces does not get used at all. Installing artificial grass, putting a couple of outdoor chairs and some potted plants will turn this spot into a relaxing garden. Artificial grass is wonderful for a balcony as it provides the feel of walking barefoot in the garden for those that do not have the space to have a real garden.

Install a Plunge Pool

No matter the size of your outdoor space, a plunge pool will fit. These small pools can be designed to work in almost any area. Synthetic turf is perfect for landscaping around a plunge pool for a number of reasons. It offers superior drainage capabilities and eliminates grass contamination into the swimming pool. This makes cleaning your pool much easier.

The above simple ideas can help you turn your small outdoor space into the perfect spot for summer parties and outdoor barbecues. Artificial grass is a great complement to these areas as it can create the look and feel of real grass with little to no upkeep.

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