Are you considering Synthetic Turf for your dog or cat?

Sometimes owning a dog or other pet can be a hassle, especially when they wreak havoc on your lawn. From digging to urinating, your furry critters can destroy perfect grass in just a few days. However, there are ways to limit or prevent this. Here are a few common issues faced by pet owners, as well as tips for creating an animal-friendly landscape and how to maintain a good-looking lawn.


Typical Issues Dogs or Pets Face in the Yard


From horses to chickens to cats or dogs, there are several types of pets that can cause wear and tear on your lawn. Nervous animals tend to pace along fence lines. This can cause pathway wear and dead grass. Some pets attempt to dig holes, and can do so within a matter of minutes. They can also cause brown spots or stains in the grass or plants when they urinate or mark their territory.


Replace Lawn with Synthetic Turf


Many pet owners opt to dig up the grass and plant an artificial lawn in its place. Not only is this option low maintenance, it can also help to create a safe yard for your pets. While this will not prevent your pet from urinating, it can put a stop to the brown spots. You can even install a deodorizer to mask any smells.


Research Safe Plants


Many pet owners do not realize there are a long list of plants that are toxic to certain pets. This can be especially dangerous when many animals may attempt to eat the grass or plants in your yard. Be sure to thoroughly research the different types of grasses, plants, or trees that may be outside your home.


Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy


No matter what type of animal you may own or how often he or she may be outside, it is important to make sure your lawn and plants are nontoxic and pet friendly. With artificial grass you can also create a safe yard for your pets that is green and low maintenance.


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