There is nothing better than a dip in the pool on a hot, sunny day. Maybe you prefer relaxing on a float with a drink in your hand. Maybe you like to swim laps and warm your muscles. Or, maybe you prefer to see how far you can jump doing a cannonball. Whatever your enjoyment consists of, a pool can really hit the spot.

Pools can be surrounded with all sorts of materials – as long as they can afford to get wet (thanks to those cannonball jumpers). For instance, some choose an actual wooden pool deck. Others are made of concrete. For the barefoot pool owners, they have chosen a type of cool deck to keep feet safe from burning on sunny days.

There is, however, an alternative to these that boasts all the perks a pool owner could ever dream of: artificial grass.

Check it out:

No debris. Unlike regular grass, artificial grass remains intact and will not end up in your pool.

No mud. Real grass includes dirt. Thankfully, artificial grass does not because having dirt next to your pool will result in a muddy mess.

A cool surface. Artificial grass doesn’t get hot like some concrete so it will not burn the soles of your bare feet.

A soft spot. Artificial grass is a soft place to land for those who run poolside and slip.

It may seem unusual to have grass around your pool, but it is quickly becoming a new trend – and for good reason!