Fake Grass for Dogs

fake grass for dogs

Dog sitting on artificial grass.

There have been a numerous amounts of applications for artificial grass throughout the years, whether it is for sports use or landscape use. However, there has been a sudden surge of dog lovers in the last several years to install fake grass for dogs for their pet facilities or for their homes. When one thinks about it, it really is a no brainer as to why that is: synthetic turf helps keep the dogs and facilities that are using them not only clean, but safe from harmful creatures that may be residing in regular grass that are just not found in the artificial variety.

Keeping pets safe is a main priority for those who are installing fake grass for dogs. The estimated amount of artificial grass currently installed has eliminated the need for nearly a billion pounds of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, which has significant health and environmental implications. Using real grass is not only a potential health hazard for humans, but it can create far greater problems for our canine friends too. Although the pesticides used in lawn-care products found on shelves nationwide are considered legal by government standards, the EPA, which regulates pesticide use, notes that kids and pets are at greater peril from pesticides because their internal organs and immune systems are still developing. Moreover, the EPA has identified run-off of said pesticides and pollutants to be the chief cause of water pollution.

Another reason why fake grass for dogs makes the most sense is because it is easy to clean and maintain, and some of it even has built in measures to ensure that the smell from a pet’s urine or fecal waste is minimized as much as possible. With the advent of Zeofill, an infill for artificial grass that controls pet odor, people can have their dogs free to go about their business without the worry that the grass will be smelly later on.

Overall, having artificial grass for pets is as cost effective, worry free, and as easy to install more than ever. With the prices of artificial grass plummeting and the market for installation expanding, it’s no wonder that pet enthusiasts from all over are choosing artificial grass for their pets to enjoy and reap the benefits.

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